Thursday, June 14, 2012

Let's Help the Victims of Rakhine - Rohingya Clash

June 2012
Northern Rakhine State

Bad things come one after another to our country. Flood, cyclone, drought and many other problems are happening continuously in this year. The crisis currently happening in northern Rakhine state has come out by threatening every layer of community. So, who is the root of those problems? Rohingya, no offense, the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

The riot started with the news that a lady named Ma Thida Htwe was raped and killed by three Rohingy people in Kyauk Ni Maw township triggering a huge crisis in Maung Taw, Rakhine, Myanmar. Even though three suspected were arrested by the police, local Rakhine people conducted protest in front of police station as the judicial process was slow. After a few days, 9 Myanmar Muslims who were mistakenly killed in a bus attack in Taung Goke township. What happened next? The riot became worse in Maung Taw township where 90% of the township population are Rohingya. They burnt 13 Rakhine villages including the monasteries.

Thousand of Rakhine ethnic people had to flee as homeless and the conflict continued to Bu Thee Taung and Sittwe townships where the majority of the population are Rohingya. The terrorist burnt the villages and fired to the local people. Government announced curfew and tried to spread the terrorist mob by shooting into the air. So far, many villages were destroyed in fire causing more than 20 died, hundreds wounded and thousands homeless. Within a week, the number of victims has reached to 30,000 and they are now staying at 45 camps in Sittwe, Bu Thee Taung and Maung Taw townships.

Myanmar Youths in Action is now organizing donation to those victims of clash together with other Yangon based youth groups, Myanmar Story Teller, Voluntary Internship Program, Bad Boys and Mutd. We will go to Sittwe on 19 June 2012 to send the donation directly to the victims. You can send your donation with us to show your sympathy and empathy.

Pls call us (or) directly send your donation to our PayPal :

Tin Myat Htet (Myanmar Youths in Action) +95 9 73117848
Thant Zin Soe (Myanmar Story Teller( +95 9 425018476
Zin Phyo Htet (Voluntary Internship Program)+95 9 5041647
Khine Soe Linn(Myanmar Youths in Action) +95 9 5408305
Zaw Lwin Win (Mutd) +95 9 4311 3390
Thiri Su (BAD boys)+95 9 5119828

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