Monday, July 2, 2012

Volunteering at AFC U-22 Football Matches in Thuwanna Stadium

Members of Myanmar Youths in Action have been volunteering to pick up trashes after the final matches of AFC U22 football games starting from June 23, 2012.

Two football fans have donated 15 sets of trash bins to be placed at Thuwanna Stadium, so Myanmar Youths in Action placed them at appropriate places a day before the games begun.

Since the AFC U-22 Games have started on June 23, members of Myanmar Youths in Action were present at every game played by Myanmar team, and picked up trash after the games. Fans of Yangon United Football Club and Yadanarpon Football Club also joined forces with us to help us clean the stadium after the games.

Placing the Trash Bins A Day Before the Games
There were altogether 15 sets of 3 trash bins: a total of 45 trash bins

We differentiated the trash bins set like this:
2 red ones are for foodstuffs and other trash
Green one is for plastic trash

A day before the game, the seat rows were squeaky clean!
2 red ones are for foodstuffs and other trash
Green one is for plastic trash
After the First Game (Myanmar Vs. The Philippines)
The final game of the day ended at 8:00pm, so soon after the crowd
left, we started picking up trash

Getting ready to pick up trash after Myanmar Vs. Korea Match
Yangon United Fans and members of  VIP joined and helped us
with our trash-picking activities.
Campaigning with Posters to "Keep Our Stadium Clean!!"
(before Myanmar Vs. Taiwan match)
MYIA, Be United! Go Green!!

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