Wednesday, May 23, 2012

2nd Anniversary Donation to Seik Phuu Taung Youth Development Centre

Two years may seem like a short period of time for some, but for Myanmar Youths in Action, it has been a meaningful and fruitful two years. Since being established in 2010, Myanmar Youths in Action has continuosuly done many activities benefiting youths, but we are still unsatisified and feels that we can do more. Thus, we will be continuing with our efforts to do more youth development activities and walking ahead in unity and with green steps, matching our slogan: "Be United, Go Green!" until eternity!

June (5) 2012 will be Myanmar Youths in Action's anniversary day, and it is also World Environment Day. Last year, we celebrated the event by planting over (700) trees. This year, we will be going to Seik Phuu Taung Youth Development Centre, and will be celebrating our anniversary together with over 700 students there.

Seik Phuu Taung Youth Development Centre
For Our 2nd Anniversary, we will be:
  1. Donate school uniforms for the students
  2. Donate stationery
  3. Have an educational session on trash and environment

Those who want to do their part in our activity are very welcomed to make contributions.
  1. One set of uniform = 1500 Ks.
  2. One set of stationery (book, pencil, pen, eraser) = 2000 Ks.

Please contact the following numbers for donations.
  • Khaing Wuth Yee - 09 4210 98633
  • Khayae Tun - 09 7317 455
  • Khing Soe Aung - 09 516 2036
  • Tin Aye Nyein - 09 4200 24270
  • Paypal:

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