Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Youth Camp @ Chaung Thar 2012

Myanmar Youths in Action will organize a youth camp at Chaungthar Beach as a 3-days program from January 6 to 8, 2012. The title of the youth camp is "Impact of Human Behaviours at Chaungthar Beach", which is a research-based program. We are inviting all the young people of ages between 18 and 30 for this youth camp. All selected participants will have to pay the program fees 40,000 Ks. (at most) to cover transportation, accommodation, and meal during the camp. All applicants must be active players in youth work and volunteerism working for the society. Applicants will need to have basic knowledge on environment protection.
"Impact of Human Behaviours at Chaungthar Beach"

January 6-8, 2012

Objectives of the Camp
  • To analyze waste management by respective parties at Chaungthar Beach
  • To increase public awareness of water pollution
  • To create a research-based youth activities with a meaningful outcome
  • To educate the youth participants about the impact of waste on the environment
  • To increase capacity of youths by improving and setting up network strategies and coordination
40,000 Ks. (at most)

Last Date of Registration
December 31st, 2011

Tin Myat Htet - 09 7311 7849

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Inviting Environmental Photos, Poem and Cartoons for Green Exhibition

The biggest threat of 21 century and people of today is climate change and environmental problems. To protect this, it is essential to promote the knowledge of people about environment and its protection. We also believe that encouraging th.e young people to pursue the environmental activities and have more awareness to take better action for better world.

So, with the purpose of increasing environmental awareness among young people, Myanmar Youths in Action will be holding a Green Exhibition (can be changed) on Sunday, December 4, 2011 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm at Sein Lann So Pyay Garden on Inya Road. We will display photo essays, poems and posters about effected environment.

We cordially invite photographers to exhibit the photos and poets and cartoonists to display their poems and cartons relating to the issue of "Green" or "Environment".

Photos and poem should be sent to info@myia.asia and we will choose the best one for the exhibition. Dead line for sending the photos, poems and cartoons is 27, November, 2011.

We are looking to receive your work to create the best outdoor exhibition with all of our efforts.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

English TOT Program will be Launched in the Mid Novemeber

Myanmar Youths in Action will organize a TOT program for English Language for the teachers who are volunteering at Monastic Education School and orphanages and social workers from every community based organizations who have a plan to teach at targeted places. Training will be started in the mid of November and will take 10 weeks to complete the course.

The purpose of this program is to enhance the English teaching method of the teachers.

Ewan Cameron from the UK who is a freelance teacher trainer and well experienced person on many social projects will lead this English TOT Program. We invite all interested persons from community based organizations and volunteer based youth groups to apply this program.

Training Period - 10 weeks
Training Day - Sunday
Dead line of application - 10 - November - 2011
We will contact the applicants for interview and training time will be announced again.

Pls follow the link for application.

Pakkoku Response by Youth Groups

Photo: Kaung Htet (Myanmar Times)
After flash flooding in the Magwe Region town of Pakokku on October 20, hundreds of people are dead or missing, and also left thousands homeless.

Myanmar Youths in Action will be joining forces with Myanmar Story Tellers and (10) other youth groups to respond with aid to flood victims of Pakkoku in Sagaing Division, Myanmar. We will be going to villages which are in dire need of aid on November 5, 2010. We will be placing priority on villages which have not received any aid.

For this donation, you can donate money and clothes. Myanmar Youths in Action is collecting donation for this purpose. Interested persons can join in our effort to help the flood victims of Pakkoku.

Contact Us:

Tin Myat Htet - 09 7311 7849
Htet Thin Zar - 09 508 2488
Winny Phyo - 09 7307 8350
Khine Soe Linn - 09 540 8305
Aye Chan Maung - 09 7307 1175

PayPal – slayeroflion@gmail.com

Latest Update: Pls go to think link to read all about our donation.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tree Planting @ Pan Ta Pwint Taung

This Sunday, on October 23, 2011, Myanmar Youths in Action will be having a tree planting campaign at Pann Ta Pwint Taung Monastic Education Centre as a part of 350 Campaign. Interested persons are welcomed to join us. This will be the second time that Myanmar Youths in Action has gone to Pan Ta Pwint Taung for tree-planting. The last time was on July 19, 2011.

We will be planting both shady trees and plants for beauty. We are accepting donations of trees to be planted there. We also accept money donations of 500 Ks. per tree.

Join us!

Date: Sunday, October 23, 2011
Time: 7:00 AM
Meet-up Place: Hledan Bus Stop (Pyay Road) (near Yangon University)
Contact: 09504 9558, 09 508 2488, or 09 731 17849

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thadingyut Celebration with MYIA at Shwe Phone Pwint Pagoda

On October 12, 2011, we celebrated Thadingyut by donating refreshments and shwe kyi snacks to the visitors of Shwe Phone Pwint Pagoda in Pazundaung Township. Due to the limited space of pagoda platform, we were not able to have the planned 1000 Candle Lighting. We were also unable to offer Ka Htein Robes to monks.

Nevertheless, we all had a great time. Perhaps we will be able to light 1000 candles and offer Ka Htein Robes next year.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October Meeting Discussions

On October 9, 2011, there was October monthly meeting of MYiA at Seinn Lann So Pyay and below is what was discussed during the meeting:

Oct 23 (Global Dignity Day and 350 Campaign at Pann Ta Pwint Taung)

October 20 is World Global Dignity Day and everyone celebrate this around the world. For this year 2011, MYiA will be part of World Global Dignity Team and will celebrate it at Pann Ta Pwint Taung Monastic Educational School. Tin Myat Htet will share what Dignity is and how to celebrate it. For this, we will meet again on Oct 16, 2011, next Sunday. On that day, some of us will also go to Pann Ta Pwint Taung to collect the required data as well.

Nov 27 (Green Exhibition)

To educate the public more about environment and its protection, we will organize Green Exhibition on Nov 27 as planned. Photos, poem and cartoon concerning with environment and its protection will be exhibited as outdoor. Exhibition place will be at Seinn Lann So Pyay or Kan Daw Gyi. Anyone who is interested in this exhibition can send photos, poems and cartoons to MYiA. Our PR Team will announce this exhibition with details.

Dec 16 - 18 (Youth Camp)

According to the votes, Bagan and Ngwe Saung are at the top of the roll. As our tour will be a budget tour, we will choose the location that won't cost more than 50,000 Ks. Our fundraising team will inquire the accommodation, meal and transportation cost for both places and will confirm the place again.

Projects for 2012
  • Reused and Reduce Plastic Project in co-operation with Supermarkets
  • Respect Campaign
  • Culture Campaign
  • Myanmar Youths Conference 2012
Above are big projects for 2012 and there will also be small monthly activities and training programs. HR team will arrange training plan and will let you know.

Cheers Everyone. We will have a lot of projects and accomplishments in 2012.

Celebrate Thadingyut with MYIA!

We are very pleased to invite all of you to the celebration of Thadingyut Festival on Full Moon Day of Thadingyut (12 - Oct- 2011).

We are planning to make a donation at Shwe Phone Pwint Pagoda in Pazundaung Township starting from 4:00 pm on that day. Our donation will be lighting 1000 candles, offering soft drinks to all visitors to pagoda and offering Ka Htein Robe to the monks.

We are also accepting your contribution for that donation and we hope that you will join with us on that day.

Celebration: Thadingyut Lighting Festival
Date: 12 Oct 2011
Time: 4:00 pm
Venue: Shwe Phone Pwint Pagoda, Pazundaung Township