Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Photo Diary: Youth Camp @ Chaung Thar Beach 2012

Myanmar Youths in Action had organized Youth Camp @ Chaungthar Beach 2012 from January 6 to January 8, 2012. The purpose of the youth camp was to research on the practice of litter throwing behaviours of visitors, hotels, villagers, and restaurants/hawkers at Chaungthar Beach.

There were a total of 23 participants. This photo diary shows our activities at the youth camp.
Gathering at the Meeting Point (Dagon Centre II)

On the Bus Just Leaving Yangon

Introduction Session of Youth Camp 

Just about to go out to conduct research at the hotel zone
Interviewing the owner of the guest house where we stayed
Asking a guest about her waste disposal behaviour
Preparation for the Evaluation the next day

Each member shares their experience in conducting interviews to hotels,
guests, restaurants/hawkers, and villagers
Presenting their Data and Findings

Preparing to collect data for the types of trash found at the beach
Chaungthar Beach's Only Dump Truck
There are trash bins at the beach provided by the hotels
Trash from the bins are collected in the mornings

Still, people left trash lying around on the beach
leaf hats left as trash
Glass Bottles ... 
Also the skewers left from BBQ seafood and other foodstuff

We also played group games at the beach

Listening to Instructions for the Games
One of the games includes blind-folded members  having to skip through a passage of filled with ropes held by members
But they didn't know that the ropes were removed after! :D
Another game is having to guess who is on the other side of the curtain

Another Game where you have to touch the nearest yellow thing in a hurry

A game of passing rubber Bands with straws held in your mouth
Some of the Members of the Youth Camp @ Chaungthar Beach 2012
On the last night, we held a bonfire

and sang karaoke!
Fireworks seen at the bonfire party
Before we left for Yangon in front of the guest house