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"Young people are not only the leaders of tomorrow; they can play a leading role in the development of their communities today. Let us hope that their good work blosooms into lifelong commitments that will benefit the world’s people"
- Kofi Annan
Myanmar Youths in Action was founded on June 5, 2010 with the aim of leading the community development by young people. The founder of Myanmar Youths in Action is Tin Myat Htet, who got the initial idea for forming a youth-led organization when she went to One Young World Summit 2010 in London.

  1. To empower and inspire the young people in Myanmar to conduct the development project together effectively and systematically inside Myanmar.
  2. To promote the role of young people in Myanmar.
  3. To support the activities of young people and informal youth group to conduct active citizenship, participation and creativity through youth exchanges, youth initiatives.
  4. To participate from one corner in getting solutions for the great issues of the world (Environment and it’s protection, poverty reduction, global health and education and developing leadership for positive future)
  5. Making partnership with other youth groups from other parts of the world for exchange programs.
  6. Anyone whose age is between 16 and 30 can join the network for taking action.
Positive changes and development in Myanmar will be created through the participation of young people and young people are seen as the valued assets for the better future of the country.

Myanmar Youths In Action aims to inspire young people through open youth activities and non-formal learning in order to promote democratic and civil society and to encourage young people to be actively involved in their communities and concerned in the current global issues.

We are calling  for volunteers and officers for this organizations to proceed the projects and movements. If you are interested in and believe that you are the leaders of tomorrow, pls join MYIA to create the change in the future.

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