Friday, October 19, 2012

Waste Education Program

With the purpose of building better future with the power of youth, Myanmar Youths in Action initiated the project “Small Education”. We believe that education is the basic need for every development of the country. And, education is also included in number 2 of Millennium Development Goals. To help in enhancing the youths’ education and to participate in attaining the MDGs at one angle are also motivation of the project.

As a part of our "Small Education" Project, Myanmar Youths in Action will be starting our "Waste Education" program at monastic education centres and orphanages starting at the end of this month. 

The purpose of this program is to raise awareness about proper waste handling. Myanmar people are used to throw trash on the streets, in the drainage, behind the house, in the river and etc. They usually throw the kitchen waste in the designed municipal dump sites, but every day wastes such as plastic bottles, beer cans, paper, plastic bags are thrown away easily instead of in waste bins. Currently, the municipal has been starting the proper waste throwing, and throwing waste in different categories (kitchen waste and other wastes), so we, Myanmar Youths in Action, plans to assist in their effort for the betterment of the whole country.
Since the start of 2012, we have donated many trash bins to pagodas, Thuwanna football stadium, and other public places. We have also volunteered for trash picking at international football games at Thuwanna Stadium.

For the current "Waste Education" program, we have chosen three schools to start our project:

  1. Aung Zeyar Min Monastic Education Centre
    A Le Ywar, Hlaing Thar Yar. (2064 students)
  2. Padauk Shwe War Monastic Education Centre
    No. 5 Ward, North Kyaut Yay Twin, Ma Yan Gone Township (over 300 students)
  3. La Pyae Wun Orphanage
    Hmawbi Township (over 200 students)

We will be teaching the students the basic environmental education and proper waste handling, and also donate trash bins at these schools.

Please contact us if you will like to join in our education program.

You can contribute to our trash bin donation by contacting us at
(1 bin = 6500 Ks.)
Group Game at Small Education Program
@ La Pyae Wun Orphanage

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