Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October Meeting Discussions

On October 9, 2011, there was October monthly meeting of MYiA at Seinn Lann So Pyay and below is what was discussed during the meeting:

Oct 23 (Global Dignity Day and 350 Campaign at Pann Ta Pwint Taung)

October 20 is World Global Dignity Day and everyone celebrate this around the world. For this year 2011, MYiA will be part of World Global Dignity Team and will celebrate it at Pann Ta Pwint Taung Monastic Educational School. Tin Myat Htet will share what Dignity is and how to celebrate it. For this, we will meet again on Oct 16, 2011, next Sunday. On that day, some of us will also go to Pann Ta Pwint Taung to collect the required data as well.

Nov 27 (Green Exhibition)

To educate the public more about environment and its protection, we will organize Green Exhibition on Nov 27 as planned. Photos, poem and cartoon concerning with environment and its protection will be exhibited as outdoor. Exhibition place will be at Seinn Lann So Pyay or Kan Daw Gyi. Anyone who is interested in this exhibition can send photos, poems and cartoons to MYiA. Our PR Team will announce this exhibition with details.

Dec 16 - 18 (Youth Camp)

According to the votes, Bagan and Ngwe Saung are at the top of the roll. As our tour will be a budget tour, we will choose the location that won't cost more than 50,000 Ks. Our fundraising team will inquire the accommodation, meal and transportation cost for both places and will confirm the place again.

Projects for 2012
  • Reused and Reduce Plastic Project in co-operation with Supermarkets
  • Respect Campaign
  • Culture Campaign
  • Myanmar Youths Conference 2012
Above are big projects for 2012 and there will also be small monthly activities and training programs. HR team will arrange training plan and will let you know.

Cheers Everyone. We will have a lot of projects and accomplishments in 2012.

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