Monday, March 19, 2012

"Small Education" will focus more on "Trash" in 2012

As you all know, MYiA has started its Small Education project of environmental education since late 2010. Under this project, we have educated young students about trees, environmental health, plastic and trash.

For this year 2012, we will focus on trash by providing trash bins at religious centers like pagodas and State Primary Schools in Yangon. Through this, we hope that people have good practice to throw the trash in the bins.

Throwing trash is not really a problem in other countries, but in Myanmar, people just throw the trash on the roads, in the water and behind the houses keeping the environment dirty and polluting the air. There is also a few trash bins only at some places. As our project name "Small Education", we will educate the young people and community starting from the small things. That's why we decided to provide trash bins.

Support Us for this project and you can also donate for the bins!

Be United, Go Green!

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